The Complete Guide to Leveling in CoD Cold War

In this article we’re going to be talking about is the new prestige system coming to the Call of Duty and how everything is going to work regarding the seasonal prestige system. It may not be exactly what you expected so we’re going to go into great detail with that so let’s just dive right into it.

The game is launched on November 13th and you will get traditional military ranks that you normally have in call of duty. So for example for both black ops cold war and modern warfare those are levels 1 to 55. So that makes sense now after this as you can see after rank 55 you then have seasonal progression and prestigious.

In similar way that we had this year with modern warfare is that was level 55 to 155 and that refreshed every single season. Now at the launch of black ops cold war on November 13th you’re going to have your level 1 to 55 military progression and then after this you are going to have what they are calling pre-season progression. So this is before season 1 actually starts.

On December 10th season 1 starts and the entire leveling system after level 55 changes and what it switches to is what they are calling seasonal prestige. The first thing you need to know is that in black ops cold war, call of duty war zone and modern warfare your level will be the same so you can level up by playing modern warfare; you can level up by playing warzone and you can level up by playing black ops cold war.

This is really cool first of all if one game like modern warfare has a shipment 24/7 event going on you can hop in that game and level up your character quickly. If you want to play some war zone you can level up doing that now the question from here is what is this seasonal prestige system?

Because it’s going to be in all three call of duty games all at once your level is going to be the same. So once you hit level 55 your level goes back to level one like it would normally when you prestige. Now you keep all of your weapons; all of your progression for challenges and camos stays the same which is great. That has never actually happened before where you actually got to keep all your weapons and attachments when you prestige that’s why I likes this.

Now once you do prestige you are going to get your prestige one emblem and on top of that you get a prestige key. Now as you level up once you hit level 50 you then enter your second prestige getting the new emblem and yet another prestige key. Once you hit level 100 you get prestige number three.

This is kind of different than every other season because in every other season there are four prestiges so in the pre-season there are three. In the season one, season two season three, season four and so on there are four different prestiges. Your first prestige is at level 50; your second prestige at level 100; third prestige at level 150 and fourth prestige at level 200.

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Post Author: Skye Ari