How to Speed Up the Leveling of a Character in WOW Shadowlands

A new supplement to World of Warcraft: Shadowlands is due to be released later in the year. Reportedly, the development of a character will undergo major changes in this add-on, as the way from the first to the last level will be 60-70% faster than it is now. Thus, the developers have simplified the boosting in Shadowlands for both beginners and veterans. This is a significant benefit because, currently, it takes great efforts for newbies to catch up with experienced players. Moreover, in Shadowlands, each level-up will be more encouraging and practical, as it will result in new skills and talents or access to a new zone or dungeon.

Major Changes in Character’s Gradation

All characters of level 120 will supposedly be downgraded to 50, with the highest possible level of 60. Characters who have not reached 120 will receive a grade corresponding to the new system. Newly created characters will now appear in the new starting location Exile’s Reach, designed specifically to help players master new skills in a short time and learn the main history of Azeroth. Newcomers who achieved level 10 will be sent to the basic expansion – Battle for Azeroth. In the meantime, experienced players will be given a choice – boosting their twinks in any WOW expansion from Classic to Legion.

New Methods of Improving Characters

The major innovation that players will face is choosing Covenants. The mysterious groups have their own sanctuaries, where players can get unique tasks, partake in a large-scale campaign, and unite with other players to complete difficult missions. Joining one of the Covenants will allow receiving vehicles, armor for transmog, and exceptional abilities.

Dungeon Transformation is a new feature that will also be added to WOW. Torghast is a new type of dungeon that will be constantly modified while remaining accessible an unlimited number of times. Each new playthrough will be radically different from the previous one. A successful gamer able to cope with the required number of unpredictable threats of Torgast will receive unique items as a reward. They can be used to craft legendary weapons indispensable for the character upgrade.

Fast and Easy Character Boost

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Post Author: Skye Ari