Top Insider Tips We have learned from the Casino staff on Reddit

Casino employees are the best people to go for tips and tips on all things related to the casino, and they are often very happy to share their knowledge with those who ask.

A place where you will often find sharing their tricks is on Reddit. To save you the trawling time of the various AMA threads and other sub-declarations, we have gathered all the most common counsel bits and have compiled them in a practical article.

These tips offer excellent prospects on what to expect on a 메리트카지노 casino and how to get out of the advance. Or at least have the best time.

  1. Do not play the locations next to the bathroom

The percentage of legal payment is based on the house and not individual machines. So some machines, even with the same games you will find elsewhere in the casino, will pay less than others.

For example, slot machines often have the lowest payment because the casino knows that you will take a place while waiting for someone.

  1. Only use your player’s card for prolonged sessions

Casinos calculate an average day trip (ADT) to determine the amount you are worth a customer.

The more generally you spend, better are the comps and promotions a casino will offer you.

Using the map on a quick session where you spend only $ 20 could allow you to reduce your ADT and reduce your promotions.

  1. Do not hate on dealers

Too often, players assume that the dealer, like the face of the house at the casino, wants them to lose.

But most dealers know that the players who earn are likely to give them good advice.

So, that you are a winner or lose, respect the dealer and enjoy the pleasure they add to the experiment.

Do not forget to tilt them. And do not treat them like the enemy!

  1. Never take side paris

According to a reddit casino employee: “All sectors are horrible chances. Do not do them unless you plan to lose your money anyway. “

It has always been obvious to blackjack insurance bets, but through the board, dealers say not to take these additional lateral bets, even if the payments sound valid.

  1. Play video casino games for free drinks faster

Bartenders can see how much money you put in video games.

So, if you play a casino that does not only automatically contain drinks to all players, place $ 100 when you sit on the machine and do not try to report the bartender.

Make small bets and seem to settle. Soon, the bartender will come around and ask for your order.

Continue to make small bets until they come back with your drink, then tilt them and give in. Repeat in different bars.

  1. Get a player’s card to get an instant room discount

Plan a trip to Las Vegas? Sign up for a player card!

Room rates are usually 10 to 20% less expensive depending on availability, and everything you need to get a Casino room rate is to have the club card.

Of course, if you stay and play, you may find yourself in the room.

Post Author: Skye Ari