Go to Sportmonks for the best API’s

If you’re a fan of a certain sport, it’s always nice to see some statistics. A good example of this is when two teams face off in the Premier League. If you want to watch that game, it’s fun to know how they’ve previously performed against each other. Or, for a different sport, in advance of a weekend of Formula 1, it can be nice to know how the drivers previously performed on the relevant circuit.

You might be interested in creating your own application, based on a certain sport. To make this work properly, you will need the right database to support you. For this, we suggest looking into the API’s created by Sportmonks. In this blog, we’ll explain exactly why.

What is Sportmonks?

Sportmonks is a company that creates API’s, which stands for Application Programming Interface. The specialty of Sportmonks is sport-based applications. This means they’ll make sure that sport applications supported by a Sportmonks API have the best database possible, which means you’ll have the correct information for every match you want to watch, of the following sports:

  • Here, Sportmonks make sure you have the right squad information, as well as they offer you live match results, with updates when a goal is being scored. There’s also a feature for more historic statistics, as it can be fun sometimes to go back in time, to see how teams looked back then, and what players were playing.
  • With a coverage of more than 100 leagues, Sportmonks make sure to give you the information you need when it comes to the cricket game you want to watch.
  • Formula 1. Sportmonks give you the information you need about circuits, drivers, teams and current competition standings.

The best API for your application

If you’re interested in creating an application based on one of these sports, choosing for Sportmonks is the right thing to do. Examples of applications you might want to build is a betting application, or just a live score application. For both of these you need a well-updated database, to support the information you give to your users. If this is not the case, users won’t hesitate to find a new application that does offer them the right information when they need it.

Why you should go for Sportmonks

Sportmonks might be more expensive than other API’s, but that’s justified by the service they offer you. They give you the fastest live scores, a worldwide coverage as well as they make sure that their entire database is up-to-date, making it a very reliable source. Sportmonks successfully foresees more than 20.000 applications from the right database, and would love to do the same thing for you. By choosing for Sportmonks, you make sure you give your users the perfect experience possible.

Post Author: Skye Ari