Must Follow Tips & Tricks To Become a Winner Of Ludo Games

We all love to play games. Playing fun games is one of the best ways to enjoy some special occasions with friends and family. And indoor games are the best to play together with our loved ones.

We all have played various indoor games at some point during our childhood, such as carrom, chess, ludo, snake & ladder, card games, etc. But which one is your favorite indoor game? Yes, it will surely be a ludo game. We all love to play and enjoy ludo, a four player game in our free time because it helps us to keep our minds fresh and active.

Ludo is one of the most popular indoor games all over the world. Not only in our country, this game is also famous in multiple countries. Why do people love to play ludo games the most? Ludo, a popular game, is one of the easiest to play. Its rules are easily understandable for everyone. Playing ludo is all about fun and entertainment. Anyone can easily understand its rules at once and play it like a professional or an expert. But, sometimes, winning a game of ludo is not as easy as it may seem. It is because everyone knows the rules and regulations that everyone follows while playing the ludo games.

Do you always wonder why you cannot win the game every single time despite playing it multiple times? It is because the opponent who wins the game is more focused and plays the game using strategies. Yes, ludo has some simple steps and rules. If you want to win the game, then it is not enough to understand these steps. Along with this, you should become more focused. And you also need to use some of your strategies instantly by keeping your eye on the opponent’s moves. So, if you also find it difficult to win the ludo game, then you need to learn some essential tips and tricks, which are as follows:

First, release all the pawns –

It is one of the best tips that every ludo player should follow. At the beginning of the game, you should always first release all the pawns from your block. It will help when one or two of your pawns will be eliminated by the opponent, you can move the other two.

Spread your pawns in all four blocks –

You should spread your pawns in all four blocks. So that you can move your other pawn to protect the one from the opponent. You should move your pawn in that block which is safe for it or you do not have an opponent in the same block. This tip will help you significantly in winning the game.

Don’t waste your six or one –

Six or one are the best numbers on dice because they help the player release his pawn from the block. And if you get six while rolling the dice, you get one more chance to roll the dice. So, you should never waste the six and one if you get it while rolling the dice. You should use them very carefully by seeing the whole situation, for example, if you have your three pawns locked in the block and you get six, then you should unlock your pawns first and then move the other pawn.

So, these are the three essential tips you should follow to win the ludo games for iPhone.

Post Author: Skye Ari